Expo, Inc. Home & Garden Accessories
About Expo, Inc.

Expo was founded as Expo, Inc. in 1987, a Michigan company. In October 2014 Exp was acquired by Accessory Source, Inc. and now operates as Expo Décor LLC. Expo was relocated from Michigan to Texas in December of 2014.

The Accessory Source company "Dr. Livingstone, I Presume" and Expo, Inc. had been "sister companies" for a dozen or so years, working together at trade shows and sharing new product ideas. When the previous owners Patty Lelli and Chris Mrocka mentioned the possibility of retirement, the new owner, Greg Coghlan, viewed the acquistion as a wonderful opportunity and natural fit within Accessory Source, Inc..

Prior owners Patty Lelli and Chris Mrocka built Expo, Inc. based on family, friendship and service, with a passion of collecting the unexpected and unique that both intrigue and excite the decorator in all of us. In Expo Decor, Inc., that tradition lives on. Greg Coghlan has committed to continue offering you unique high quality product crafted with fine details and finishes along with outstanding service.

Worth noting: Our collection reflects our love of nature and all of God’s creatures. From the whimsical dogs and cats to the unbelievably realistic antler mounts, no living creature has been hurt in their creation.



Please protect our environment and animals/reptiles/natural elements by doing your part in recycling and purchasing only valid antiquities and/or replicas of nature’s creatures. Thank you.